Use technology to reduce Transmission and distribution losses

Use technology to reduce Transmission and distribution losses

Power losses: technology to the rescue

MARCH 27, 2017|The Hindu|Full Article

The high rates of transmission and distribution losses in India, up to 60% in some states, have led to a profusion of technologies emerging to at least address the non-technical losses occurring due to power theft and meter tampering.

Companies such as Omron, Sensus and even phone handset maker Nokia have begun operations in this sector — helping power distribution companies detect and address power theft and meter tampering in real time. Others have begun work to reduce costs by enabling remote reading of meters, doing away with the need for a physical check at each meter location.

“We came up with a tamper-detection sensor last year,” Vinod Raphael, country business head, Omron Electronic and Mechanical Components division, India told The Hindu . “We have started to do pilots in order to prove to the power utilities the value of these sensors. The sensor is integrated into the metres.”

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