Good Governance: Transparent, Effective, Involving and Encouraging

Good Governance: Transparent, Effective, Involving and Encouraging

Narendra Modi government made 2017 a good year, here’s how to make it better in 2018

July 16, 2017|Financial Express|Full Article

“The secret to success is to do the common things uncommonly well”. The year 2017 was just such a year in which India did the “common things” well with an eye to attract investments in infrastructure and real estate. The “common things” here would include creating effective policies, implementing policies and penalizing those who did not follow the rules.

The first was the interest to invest in India. Whether it was the renewable energy panel or the toll roads panel, investors were keen to invest in India with an eye on the next 25 years of India’s growth trajectory. The second aspect that struck me was the prevalent view amongst the investors that they were primarily still interested in brownfield (existing) projects relative to greenfield (new) projects.

To encourage infrastructure investments in greenfield projects it is essential that India creates an investment ecosystem of even greater transparency and accountability than the current one. To do so India must continue to frame, change and implement old and new policies in 2018, as we successfully did in 2017.

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