People-Public-Private Partnership (PPPP) model instead of Public Private Partnership (PPP) model

We will further evolve the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model into a People-Public-Private Partnership (PPPP) model

Good performance will be rewarded; non-performers will be given opportunities and training support to improve

Aug 18, 2017|The Economic Times|Full Article

India’s young entrepreneurs called for the greater involvement of the private sector and more public-private partnerships (PPP) as part of suggestions to prepare a new policy template for the country. More than 200 of them pitched for leveraging the strength of non-state entities to develop India’s soft power, improve education levels and help mitigate climate change.

“Re-energizing ITIs (Industrial Training Institutes) through PPP,” was one such suggestion. While agreeing that access to affordable medicine was the first step toward building a healthy India, they suggested innovating locally manufactured solutions such as fetching data from wearable smart devices.

Decentralization and People's Participation
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