People's Engagement: Through Pro-active, Pro-people Good Governance

People's Engagement: Through Pro-active, Pro-people Good Governance, we will ensure the Government itself directly reaches out to the people, especially the weak and marginalized sections of society

Pro People Proactive Good Governance

May 01,2014|Narendra Modi|Full Article

“Mere good governance is not enough; it has to be pro-people and pro-active. Good governance is putting people at the center of development process.” Narendra Modi

It is due to Narendra Modi that Governance has become the talking point all over the country; from the conversations teenagers have over a cup of coffee to heated debated in newsrooms. The rise of Narendra Modi in the political arena has also marked a paradigm shift in the discourse in India, where Governance had become a side issue. He heralded an era where politicians try and present figures for GDP Growth & other such development indicators in their speeches instead of making tall promises.

Decentralization and People's Participation
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