Technology transfer in defence manufacturing will be encouraged to the maximum

PM Modi has brought a paradigm shift in defence; 'Make in India'.

Feb 07, 2016|Economics Times|Full Article

Unlike the past, under 'Make in India', we do not pay the transfer-of-technology (TOT) fee or licence fee. Foreign companies are asked to find a strategic partner in India or setup their own subsidiary and carry out the manufacturing activity here. When these companies want to export arms, they should source items from India, and then only the 'Make in India' policy will become successful.

Four years of Modi govt: India showed will and muscle, but funds crunch dulls defence shine .

May 26, 2018|Hindustan Times|Full Article

In the defence sector, the Modi government has held up its end of the bargain in some areas but its efforts have fallen short of expectations in others during the last four years.

Budgetary constraints have slowed down its efforts to scale up the military’s capabilities although India still remains the world’s largest importer of weapons. Meanwhile, several Make in India projects are on the drawing board as a key policy that is supposed to serve as the template for cooperation between Indian and foreign firms to build high-tech weapons is yet to be finalised.

The government brought out its Defence Production Policy-2018 in March, visualising India as one of the top five countries in the aerospace and defence sectors in the coming years, with defence goods and services accounting for a turnover of Rs 1.7 lakh crore by 2025.

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