Identify each and every special needs person across the country - establishing a web based disability registration system to issue universal ID for all applicable government benefits (healthcare, transportation, jobs, education etc)

Colour-coded cards to be launched for 2.7 crore disabled

Dec 11, 2016|Economic Times|Full Article

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch a mega programme in January in six states, which would first identify differently-abled across India, issue them a unique identity card and help the government in planning dedicated area-based and requirement-based programmes.

A person with less than 40% disability would have a card with a white stripe, 40 to 80% would have a card with yellow stripe and above 80% card with a blue stripe. A unique 18-digit number would be given on the card, which would have state identification digits, district code, disability code, year of birth and another sequence.

The universal cards would help the differently-abled tide over these problems that they face at railway counters or even to avail any benefit at educational institutions. The card would have a unique number which if fed on the website would help an authority access all details.

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