Use technology to deliver low cost quality education to specially-abled students 'in-home' - through E-learning

Modi Govt launches new schemes to take education in India to newer heights

24-June, 2015|Press Information Bureu|Full Article

Setting up of a national digital library, provision of scholarship for differently abled to pursue technical education, connecting institutions of higher education to villages so as to solve the problems of the latter.

Called Swayam`’, the mass-scale online open course platform would be hosted on a virtual cloud and have provision for the beneficiaries to get certificates following tests at the end of the courses.The digital library, in turn, will be set up by IIT, Kharagpur, and a sum of Rs. 10 crore has already been released to the institute for the purpose.

In addition, technology is being used to identify geographical pockets which fared poorly in terms of education among girls, particularly of those belonging to marginalised sections of society so that corrective measures could be taken.

The digital atlas project developed in partnership with UNICEF was launched on March 8 on the occasion of the World Women’s Day.

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