Ensure effective implementation of the Right to Education, Right to Food Security Act

Modi plans to reform education system.

March 31, 2016 ,12:01 IST | INDIA TODAY | FULL ARTICLE

For weaker students, it has been decided that remedial classes be started and at regular intervals, national/ regional workshops will be held for sharing best practices. Teachers' profiles will be linked to Aadhar and to deal with their distorted ratio in rural and urban India, teachers will be regularly transferred to rural schools. In secondary education, the PM also suggested introduction of 800 vocational courses as part of the syllabus.

Narendra Modi government gearing up to announce Food Security Act with Rs 130,000 crore outlay


we are looking at is ending hunger and ensuring that every citizen of the country has two meals a day.As part of the planned rollout, some 1.8 lakh fair price shops across the country will have electronic point of sale devices to authenticate beneficiaries at the time of distribution and also electronically capture the quantum of grains distributed to each family.
The number of these shops, at 70,000 now, will increase to 5.52 lakh by March 2017.

The entire process of grains moving from godowns to shops to the beneficiary is captured online. Even the electronic receipts given to beneficiaries and closing balance of shops are up for public scrutiny. This data and automation of process has also made the allocation of foodgrain and their release to district administration easier,” one official said.

Children - the Future of the Nation