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Cyber Gram and Hamari Dharohar

09-March-2016 | PIB |Full Article

Cyber Gram’ has been launched as an initiative under Multi-sectoral Development Programme(MsDP) to provide hands on training in computers to the students of minority communities and enable them to acquire basic Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills; become digitally literate; actively participate in knowledge based activities; access financial, social and government services and use internet for communications.

“The Scheme Hamari Dharohar was launched during the year 2014-15. The scheme aims to preserve rich culture and heritage of minorities through selective intervention under the overall concept of Indian culture. Under this scheme during the year 2015-16, following two projects have been selected and approved:

-Organization of the international iconic exhibition „The Everlasting Flame‟, to preserve the rich heritage of Parsi Community of India.
Project for Digitization, Translation from Arabic to English, and reprinting of Medieval period documents on Medicines, Mathematics, Science and Literature and rare manuscripts kept at Dairatul Maarifil Osmania, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

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