BJP will ensure that the funds allocated for schemes and programmes for SC, ST, OBCs and other weaker sections are utilized properly

The 2017 Budget Is Taking SC/ST Welfare Backwards

2 Feb 2017|The Wire|Full Article

A large amount of the already inadequate budgeted expenditure is on non-targeted schemes, which are barely useful for the development of SC/ST communities.

Analysis of the allocations under the SCSP the TSP reveals a recurring trend of under-allocation in 2017-18, wherein the SCSP comprises only 2.5% and the TSP only 1.53% of total allocations, which is not even the half of the mandated amount.

The total Schemes for Scheduled Castes has been reduced from 294 to 256 only and the total schemes for Scheduled Tribes is brought down to only 261 from 307 in 2016-17. Only 11 new schemes for SCs and 8 new schemes for STs has been introduced in 2017-18.

Budget 2017-18 allocated Rs 52,393 crore for SCs and 31,920 crore for STs.

This amount is 2.50% of the total Budget estimate.

The due amount as per Jadhav guidelines is equivalent to 4.25% if total Budget

Total of Rs 44,246 crore for SCs and Rs 18,073 crore for STs has been denied by the central government.

1.19% of the total allocation for SC/STs has been allocated for SC women and 1.68% for ST women.

Overall allocation for gender budget is only 0.99%.

SCs, STs, OBCs and Other Weaker Sections