Review the successful PDS models, and incorporate the best practices to revise the existing PDS, for benefitting the common man

Government in favour of scrapping PDS after successful Haryana and Puducherry experiments.

Aug 01, 2017|moneycontrol|Full Article

Under the new system being mulled upon, the government would transfer the money directly into beneficiaries’ accounts

PDS scheme is run jointly by central and state governments.

Under this, the central government-owned Food Corporation of India distributes essential items such as rice, wheat, kerosene, sugar through fair price shops.

Narendra Modi government pushes for PDS reforms, but progress slow.

May 16, 2017|Financial Express|Full Article

Minister for food and consumer affairs Ram Vilas Paswan spoke to Sandip Das on the issues relating to the implementation of the National Food Security Act (NFSA) and the several steps are taken to curb pilferage of PDS foodgrain.

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