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How Narendra Modi has successfully managed to turn the country into a data set.

Dec 21, 2017, 01.08 PM IST | The Economic Times | FULL ARTICLE

The income-tax department going after evaders with the help of data analytics, the government deregistering 2 lakh shell companies, and Aadhaar being linked to a number of government services and schemes were some of the signs that India had entered the age of governance by data.

Demonetisation may not have worked out the way the government wanted but the data it has generated is a goldmine for the tax department. Deregistration of lakhs of shell companies is one outcome of such data.
The huge data thrown up by GST Network can transform policy by generating new insights.

The newcomer Reliance Jio set the telecom sector on fire with incredibly low prices and freebies. It even came out with a data-enabled mobile phone that was virtually free. The incumbent companies too brought down rates. Low rates of internet data are putting a large numbers of Indians on the internet, taking India closer to its goal of creating a digital economy. This helps the government deepen the reach of its schemes while also generating immense quantities of data as millions start using sm ..

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