Guidelines for Green buildings and energy efficient work places will be brought out

Modi govt's push for energy conservation: PM launches scheme for LED bulb distribution.

Jan 05, 2015|The Economic Times|Full Article

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched a scheme for LED bulb distribution under the domestic efficient lighting programme in Delhi; and a National Programme for LED-based Home and Street Lighting.

LED bulbs will be provided to all domestic consumers at an initial payment of Rs 10 each and recovery of Rs 10 each for 12 months from their electricity bill. "Hence, the cost for an LED bulb to domestic consumer will be Rs 130 through this programme due to bulk procurement, compared to the current open market retail price in the range of Rs 350-600 for LED bulbs. The estimated annual savings for households in Delhi per LED bulb will be Rs 162. The LED bulbs will have a warranty of 3 years .

Govt eyes Rs 35,000 crore savings by making buildings green.

Jun 22, 2017|The Times Of India|Full Article

The government is aiming to achieve this goal through the Energy Conservation Building Code-2017, framed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency under the ministry and using Energy Efficiency Services Ltd to push application of energy efficient lighting and appliances..

Designing new buildings in accordance with the energy code is estimated to achieve a reduction of another 300 billion units in power consumption.

The power ministry has set its sights on achieving an estimated Rs 35,000 crore annual savings by making all existing and future government as well as commercial buildings in the country energy efficient in the next few years and use the saved electricity to light up poor homes and energise irrigation pumps.

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