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June 11, 2018|One India|FULL ARTICLE

  1. There is an increase of 3,775 sq km in the forest cover of the country as compared to the previous 2013 assessment.
  2. The National Mission for a Green India (GIM), one of the eight Missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change aims at protecting and enhancing India's forest cover. In FY 2015-16, an amount of Rs.7,009.09 lakh were sanctioned
    under GIM to seven States namely Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Karnataka, Manipur, Kerala, Punjab and Uttarakhand for carrying out advance/preparatory works.
  3. Launched on October 17, 2014 to monitor the quality of air in major urban centres across the country on a real-time basis.
  4. On March 24, 2018, the Government amended the Bio-medical Waste Management Rules, 2016 vide Notification G.S.R. 234(E) dated March 16, 2018. The Rules have been amended to improve compliance and strengthen the implementation of environmentally sound management of biomedical waste. Similarly, the Government has also amended the E-Waste Management Rules 2016 vide notification G.S.R. 261(E), dated March 22, 2018.
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