We will work towards strengthening Regional forums like SAARC and ASEAN

We will work towards strengthening Regional forums like SAARC and ASEAN

Narendra Modi's foreign policy to strengthen SAARC ties

May 26, 2016|The Economic Times|Full Article

“We need to import more from our South Asian neighbours. We have very large trade surpluses with all these countries. If we don’t balance it beyond a point, their purchases from India may also get affected. It is the same problem as what we have with China,”

India’s exports to Saarc registered a 14.71% growth in 2013-14 at $17.3 billion. While South Asia accounts for 5.5% of India’s exports, imports from the region have a share of just 0.55%.

Asean leaders at Republic Day show India’s strategic pivot for a new Asia

Jan 25, 2018|Hindustan Times|Full Article

The sight of 10 Asean leaders sitting on the dais, reviewing the Republic Day Parade, will be a public demonstration of India’s strategic outreach to Asean, which has always promoted its centrality in the economic and putative security architectures of Asia, as the continent moves up the economic and security ladder in the global international order.

India’s strategic outreach towards the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) and Asean is a logical policy outcome that fits into the Act East Policy.

India's ASEAN overtures a calculated answer to China’s unrestrained expansionism in the Asia-Pacific region

June 01, 2018|FIRSTPOST|Full Article

Beginning in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited most of the ASEAN countries, providing greater substance to India-ASEAN summits. Aimed at enhancing India’s strategic profile in Southeast Asia, the upgrade from ‘Look East Policy’ (LEP) to ‘Act East Policy’ (AEP) with ASEAN at its core has been among the most significant initiatives of the Modi government.

The Modi government realises that these steps will not suffice. India will need to expand its reach not just to militarily counter China’s alarming projection of regional and global power, but also to present an alternative growth model (centred on soft power) to China’s centralised and authoritarian one in order to claim Asia’s natural leadership. Here comes the role of India’s robust outreach to ASEAN.

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