Neighbourhood relationship:Friendly but when needed strong action will be taken

In our neighbourhood we will pursue friendly relations. However, where required we will not hesitate from taking strong stand and steps

“engage proactively on our own with countries in the neighbourhood and beyond,” adding, “In our neighbourhood we will pursue friendly relations. However, when required we will not hesitate from taking strong stands and steps.”

April 19, 2014|THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE|Full Article

Narendra Modi said he was prepared to ‘face defeat’ but would not practice politics of identity.

He also offered to face a probe if any corruption allegations are levelled against him as prime minister.

“I will not make any appeal to Hindus or Muslims but to the entire 125 crore people of India. If it suits them, then it is fine.

Modi said the party would focus on improving the economy. He added he was not pro corporate houses, however said that “if India needed to be developed, everyone had to be encouraged to do their bit”.

India’s relations with its neighbours

May 27, 2017|The Indian Express|Full Article

India also promised a $5 million fund for the treatment of Afghan children with congenital heart disease in India, extension of the ICCR scholarship till 2020.
One of the biggest achievements of the Modi government is the ratification of the long-pending Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) in 2014 in Parliament in the presence of Bangladeshi diplomats.
In PM Modi’s first visit to Nepal in November, 2014, some of the agreements that were signed were an MoU on National Police Academy at Panauti, line of credit of $1 billion for hydropower and infrastructure projects, MoU for cooperation in traditional systems of medicine, MoU for cooperation in the field of tourism, proposals to link Janakpur-Ayodhya, Kathmandu-Varanasi and Lumbini-Bodh Gaya as sister cities and the supply of a Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopter Mark-III to the Nepal army. A bus service between Delhi and Kathmandu was also flagged off.

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