Implement Fiscal discipline

Strictly implement Fiscal discipline, without compromising on funds availability for development work and asset creation

No Proof Required: The best government for fiscal discipline

12 march 2016 | The Indian Express | Full article

Budget 2016-17 should be regarded as perhaps the best budget since 1996. The BJP’s surprisingly good fiscal performance in 2014 and 2015 suggests that achhe din are here

Budget 2018: Fiscal discipline has taken a backseat, says Indian economist of Cornell University

Feb 02, 2018 | FIRSTPOST |Full article

"Fiscal discipline has taken a backseat in this Budget, which contains many tinges of populism, as was to be expected in the run-up to a national election cycle," Prasad told PTI.

"There are no major measures that could stimulate private investment, which has been notably weak even during the recent period of high growth," Prasad said.

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