About ModiMeter

Modimeter is a non-profitable website. It started in 2017 as a promise tracker project to track the promises and performance of the current government in power. Everyone is mostly concerned about whom to bring in power before the voting days but what about what happens after that? what about the next weeks, months, years?

Is the government stick to its pre-poll promises? Did it fulfilled the promises it made during the 2014 election campaign? That’s the whole purpose of this website.

Our Vision

Modimeter seeks to present the true facts unaffected by agenda or biases. No one tells us what to write about or how to rate statements. We do so independently based on verifiable outcomes, not on intentions or efforts using our news judgment. It has no political affiliation whatsoever. Our aim is to track our government policies. Our efforts are to enable the voters to monitor the performance of their government. It is just a platform for people to exchange opinions and for the public at large to see what has been actually done by the government.

Our Ethics Policy

We avoid expressing political views on social media. We do share news stories and other journalism, but we take care not to be seen as endorsing or opposing a political figure or position. We avoid snarky commentary.

Fact Checks

Each day, we look for statements to fact check. We read transcripts, speeches, news stories, press releases and update the current affairs.
We can’t check all claims, we select the most newsworthy and significant ones. Readers can send us suggestions via email to modimeter@gmail.com.

Thank you for being a part of it. Help us to build the new prosperous India.