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Science and Technology - India Innovates and India Leads

Encouraging research and innovation in areas of relevance for the economy and society, particularly by promoting close and productive interaction between private and public institutions Comments
Devise schemes, programs and opportunities to encourage the youth to take scientific research and innovation as a career Comments
Provide work environment and professional opportunities in fundamental scientific research, to make research careers more appealing, so that the nation can harness the best of brains for scientific research leading to enhancing the national productivity Comments
Build world class, regional centres of excellence of scientific research in the field of nanotechnology, material sciences, thorium technology and brain research Comments
Create an ecosystem for multi-country and inter-disciplinary collaborative research, and establish an Intellectual Property Rights Regime which maximizes the incentive for generation and protection of intellectual property for all type of inventors Comments
Industry will be encouraged to adopt or support educational and research institutions to help direct science and technology endeavours towards tangible industrial goals Comments
Indigenous knowledge, based on our long and rich tradition will be further developed and harnessed for the purpose of wealth and employment generation to promote science popularization schemes extensively Comments
Establish institutes of Technology for Rural Development Comments
Establish a Central University dedicated to Himalayan Technology Comments
Promote research and application of nuclear science in medicines, industry and agriculture Comments

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